Lemon sponge cake with lemon curd

By right this post should be written by Aniruddha, since this is his effort and endeavour. But I was so proud when I saw the end result that I decided I would do more justice to the post by writing it myself.

One fine day, Aniruddha decided he wanted to learn how to make lemon curd – a noble ambition and one that I wholeheartedly supported. To top that he decided to make a lemon sponge in which he could then layer the lemon curd. Even more support from me, since lemon sponge with lemon curd is actually a dessert from my favourite bakeries in Mumbai – Candies and MacCraig!

And so Aniruddha patiently stood and stirred and made the most amazing and delicious lemon curd I have ever had. Bright yellow, tangy and lemony, as it should be! And if that were not enough, he then baked a light and airy lemon sponge cake as well. The cake was simply delicious. He took it to his office where I believe it was demolished in a matter of minutes.

And this from a man who till a couple of months ago had never baked or made any dessert, preferring to focus all his cooking effort on meat only. So, so proud! 🙂