A solo hosted dinner party

After a hiatus of a month, due to family visits and a holiday, it was back to having a dinner party at home. As Aniruddha was traveling, I decided to host an all women evening and had to cook everything on my own! It was a challenge worth taking, since it really gave me a good understanding of how to prepare each dish, what to prep before hand, how much time each dish was taking right down to plating and serving. Lots of little lessons learnt that need to be applied for the next dinner in a week’s time.

The menu had a couple of new additions – to start people off with the flavours of Marathi and Bengali food, I decided to introduce a mezze platter featuring some classic dishes. And instead of doing a combination of things for the main dish, I decided to plate up two different mains. The Prawn Malai curry followed by the Kombdi cha rassa.

The evening went off very well and I was really happy at having being able to manage everything on my own, right down to having printed menus to little tomato raisin chutney bottles with the Bombay Howrah stickers, as keepsakes.

The Masala chai pannacotta was again the highlight of the evening.ย Amongst the new dishes, the spiced pumpkin and yoghurt was well received as was the savoury cucumber pudding – my little reinvention of a simple cucumber raita.




The Marathi and Bengali mezze platter – chargrilled eggplant, spiced pumpkin and yoghurt, beetroot chop with mustard sauce, Sago patties with coriander-yoghurt sauce and sesame crackers


Tomato saar – tomato and coconut milk soup


Prawn Malai curry with rice and tomato-raisin chutney


Kombdi cha rassa (chicken curry) with polenta and savoury cucumber pudding


Mango shrikhand tart with chocolate ganache and pistachios


Masala chai pannacotta with ginger syrup and ginger molasses biscuit

takeaway bottles

Tomato Raisin chutney bottles as a keepsake

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