A little Goan influence

The Goan recheado masala influenced this great pan fried fish with a spicy and tangy sauce. The recheado masala is a fiery, red paste that the Goans use mainly to cook seafood (especially mackerel), and like the more popularly known vindaloo, uses dried Kashmiri chili for the colour and heat, with coconut vinegar (rice or white wine vinegar works well as a substitute) and in a shining example of successful European-Indian fusion, is combined with Indian spices like cumin, cinamon, fenugreek, mustard seeds and turmeric. I toned down the red chili and loosened the sauce with some coconut milk for a little more calmness and a little less rocket fuel. Lightly seasoned, pan fried barramundi fillets,  and a generous dollop of the sauce and you’re off to the races. A dash of coconut feni (a very potent and rustic coconut toddy) is supposed to add a lot more depth to it and I can see why. Feni has that effect on all foods and people…..I used white rum this time, maybe it will be feni next time!


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