IMG_4496sorbetAniruddha has been after me for a long time to serve my Tomato Saar (tomato and coconut milk soup) chilled, much like a gazpacho. Since I’ve only ever had it served warm by my mom, I have continued to resist the idea.

However recently I was introduced to the French Laundry cookbook and came across a recipe for Tomato sorbet. Inspiration struck! Never having tried a sorbet before, I boldly decided that my first attempt at making sorbet would involve making it with the tomato saar recipe.

So after reading the French Laundry and other tomato sorbet recipes I realized that my saar recipe already contained most of what was needed to make a fruit sorbet. It was only missing alcohol.

And so after a couple of attempts, which involved patiently freezing, churning and refreezing the sorbet (as I don’t have an ice-cream machine), I finally ended up with a most refreshing tomato sorbet. And the original flavours of cumin, ginger, green chillies and curry leaves make it even more special.

But in an ultimate stroke of genius, I decided to serve it with some tobiko (flying fish roe), finely diced yellow cherry tomatoes and micro greens. Aniruddha’s suggestion has finally been translated into reality…