Sanju’s chicken pot pie

Who is Sanju? And why does his name appear on this blog??

Sanjay Kadam or Sanju as he is better known was part of the family that worked with Aniruddha’s parents when his mother was with the Indian Railways. He is a wonderful cook and his speciality is this amazing spice paste that is used to make a chicken curry.

The spice paste is primarily made of fried onions, fresh and dry coconut and spices like cardamom, cumin and coriander seeds. You can imagine that this would be a particularly fragrant spice paste! Although Sanju has been kind enough to take me through the recipe, he still insists on cooking and giving us a fresh batch of the paste everytime we’re in Mumbai or when Aniruddha’s parents visit us in Singapore.

Serving just a chicken curry can be predictable, and so to mimic the experience of eating this curry with chappatis, we decided to create a chicken pot pie! This is quite an indulgent dish and best if it’s the only thing you eat at one meal 😀


pot pie

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