Misal single bowl

A while ago I wrote about the Marathi Atkins diet i.e. our love for all manner of sprouted pulses. I also wrote about a popular snack called misal.

Here’s my own home preparation, almost like my mother used to make it. The home made misal is a bit more wholesome in taste compared to the one you eat as a snack in Marathi restaurants. I make it with matki or moth beans (looks like a brown mung bean). I soak the beans overnight, then drain them and wrap them in either a tea towel or kitchen paper towels for a day to allow them to sprout. Once they sprout, I cook them with water, salt and some turmeric to make them soft. And then temper them with ginger, garlic and spices. This is the base of the misal or lentil salad.

From there on, it’s pretty much up to you as to what to use as toppings. My favourites include chopped onions and tomatoes, fried garlic slivers, sev (gram flour shoestrings) and my home made coriander and yoghurt dressing.

A super healthy and super delicious salad.


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