IMG_4561In our continued effort to find new ways of presenting traditional flavours at Bombay Howrah, here’s a very simple dish that I’ve tried to convert into something more refined.

Dudhi, which is bottle gourd, and kaju i.e. cashews is a very typical Marathi dish and its highly unlikely to be served even in the few restaurants that serve Marathi food. I can sort of see why – bottle gourd is not the most exciting vegetable in the world and even when I talk about this dish to people, I can see their eyes glazing over. Till of course they taste the actual dish, which is absolutely delicious.

Hence my endeavor to try and make it more appealing. In the original dish, the bottle gourd is cubed and cooked in a gravy made from chopped onions, coconut milk, the 3 C’s – cloves, cinnamon, cardamom, coriander powder and most importantly chilli powder which lends the dish it’s heat and the addition of cashews which makes the dish special.

In the version that I tried, I cut the bottle gourd into thick slices and sauteed them in a pan with cumin seeds, salt and sugar. I then made the gravy sauce separately and served it over the bottle gourd slices and finally topped it with fried cashews. The same original flavours, but served in a more appealing manner. Only thing I overlooked? The damn seeds of the bottle gourd!!! Must remember to remove them next time!



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