A dish that has done quite well on our menu has been the Kolhapuri Lamb chops inspired by the Kolhapuri tambda rassa masala. I have written about the preparation in an earlier post but the dish has been tweaked quite a bit since then.

In the latest avatar I serve the lamb chops with a sweet potato and green pea puree, with brown butter solids and a good spoonful of the gravy from cooking the lamb chops, which is blended and then reduced till it is creamy and thick.

But for a dinner we hosted yesterday I had to find a way to cater for a strict vegetarian. This was a puzzle at first because I was so invested in this dish that it became difficult to think of anything to substitute the lamb with. Then remembering the cauliflower steak I had once attempted, I replaced the lamb with a nice thick steak of cauliflower, seared and then finished in the oven with the same Kolhapuri masala. Phew! now I have a delicious vegetarian alternative to the dish also.


Servings for the Kolhapuri Lamb and Cauliflower steak main dish
Cauliflower steak with Kolhapuri masala, sweet potato and pea puree, brown butter solids



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