IMG_3398I have to admit, that I had never eaten Dabeli Pav till a trip to Mumbai this year when I finally decided I had to try it. I have al
ways been a huge of Pav Bhaji (soft bread with a spicy & tangy potato, tomato and onion mash) and generally seen Dabeli as a poorer cousin.

dabeli 1I couldn’t have been more wrong! Dabeli like pav bhaji, is a spicy &
tangy potato mash (without tomato and onion), which is served in a soft bun with a sweet sauce and spicy sauce and topped with pomegranate (yes you read that right!), coconut, onions and spicy peanuts. The bun is slightly toasted and when combined with the mash and toppings, you get this sweet, tangy, spicy flavour explosion in the mouth.

Now this means future meals back home must include both pav bhaji and dabeli pav. What a happy problem to have!